Saturday, March 8, 2008


It feels good to be home on a Saturday, that rarely happens on tour but today we showed up in Louisville, KY and it was pretty nasty out! - Funny story tho, a few of us were in side marking our points getting ready for the show if it happened, and we hear over the radio, "....our bus is moving and we're stopped..." apparently the bus was on a patch of ice and was sliding forward towards a building, I don't think anything happen to the bus, I stopped listening after that part and was laughing and making fun of the situation before the end of the story.

But the show was postponed to the end of the tour, so Yay!!! I'm home on a Saturday.

And I would like to draw some attention to the fact that I spelled Darren's name wrong in the previous post, I've fixed it, and I also have some very bad grammatical and spelling/typo's I'm not the brightest lite in the bunch, but I'm trying!

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randy said...

I always laugh in those situations. its like you know something bad is happening but you know the worst thing that can happen isnt that bad.