Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blog Tools

Since I've started this little blog, I'm always curious about who's reading it, and what people think, but since the only people that let me know what their thinking is Farns, Randy, J, and some virus person that stops by and tries to get to go to his site, (that crazy guy and his shenanigan), I get more curious about who's looking, more numbers and where from than anything else.

Yesterday I had a fluke of a day I think.
Compared to the blogs that I read this is probably a bad day, in fact if you look at the whole week their probably laughing and going, look at how low his numbers are? Isn't that cute, He's trying to be a blogger. (If he just switched to wordpress?!)
But I want to focus on yesterday, and the 60 people that visited my site, and since I started this blog mostly for my wife, so she could be apart of my day, and I could call my mom and she could be apart of my wife and I's day when I'm home. I would like to thank you the 60 people yesterday for making me feel special. And for those of you that didn't look at my site yesterday but usually do, I thank you too...just not for yesterday.

And just so you know there will be a Positive Post Tuesday at some point today.

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randy said...

mine does the same thing, i hover around 45-50 and then it goes up for like a day or so and then it back to normal.

although i did notice that every now and then i get like 10-12 hits for jack in the box and thats kinda weird too.