Monday, March 24, 2008

Fantasy Baseball (3)

The draft is over, and here's the first round and the last round in the same pic.
here's the funny thing is that all the research, and all the polls out there had A. Rod as first, and as you can see (maybe its a little small and blury) in the red he was in the first round but when our league president that was randomly picked first and huge baseball guru if you will, picked Jose Reyes, I about fell off my chair, (and my chair is huge!!!) now Reyes was on my top 10 list just not on my number 1 pick! Here's to you "Team Star Gap Stingers" (I hope you don't win!!)
(Click on the Pick to make it bigger and see it for yourself) - DO IT!!
A. Rod went to the number 2 pick in the first round, I took David Wright. (yea thats right, big woop, you wanna fight about it)
The best part is the last round, I love it when you get down to the last round cause everybody starts to pick players they might have heard of, or players that rank up there near other players that have already been taken, you've never heard of the guy but your like he's right under someone that's been taken so he must be ok? (haha) Thankfully theres only 8 teams in the draft so we all got some pretty decent players. But to recap the very first player drafted was Jose Reyes, and the last player drafted in the 25th round and coming in 200 picks later was Kenny Lofton. (No link for Lofton he's FA so no! No link for you!)

I would like to share with you my team just because why not? (And Its my Blog!!!!)
Now heres something to mention, the league consist of 8 players and 5 of 'em are Atl. Braves fans, and I'm a Cubs fan, which causes some rivalry, but I didn't notice till the end that I didn't have one Braves player, not because I hate them (which I do, stupid Braves) but because I couldn't, (sorry typo - *wouldn't) But I did find my self drafting 4 Cubs players, (check out the player at the bottom of the players list, I think he has pretty good potential) their the ones underlined and arrowed in blue under this paragraph.

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