Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today Is Tuesday.....

Today is Tuesday for a few more minutes, so I'm going to do a Positive Post Tuesday post...?!..

Today's post is about my wife, lets face the facts she married me, any woman that can put up with me on a daily bases, is an amazing woman.
Everyday she amazes me, its all the little things she does, like tonight telling me that my last blog was to boring! (haha) I love it, she's my best friend, its the way she lays in bed in the mornings and watches the weather channel before getting out of bed, (I guess she's trying to figure out how cold or hot it is in the isle from the bed to the bathroom) I could go on and on.
I love that we share everything together, we don't hide anything from each other, other than surprises, (like me buying a new video game surprise!! haha)

She is the best thing to happen to me, I hope you don't ever change the way you are.

And a second Positive Post Tuesday...

I would like to Thank you my new pair of noise canceling headphones, we're new friends but I'm looking forward to what we have to offer each other in this new friendship,
You've already proved your self today when I pulled you out of the box and tried you out with my good friend 360, it was pretty cool, especially when my wife was standing there talking to me and I couldn't hear a thing! (I just nodded in agreement) Your going to be a huge help at night when I want to hang with 360 and the wife is a sleep!

If any of you were wondering I found my new friend, with the help of the CTS fam. and mostly Schwarz thanks man for introducing me!

Ps ... Strawberry Jello and Readi wip is pretty stinking great

This guy has done a blog about me, (first time ever) and my eating habits, so check it out

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Anonymous said...

I love positive Tuesdays!