Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Today I was asked (more like nagged haha) to lay out Easter eggs, so I decided to volunteer (forced) to help lay out eggs for all the kids on the tour, which there are a lot 'em, and I decided to document where I laid my eggs..(hahahahah) I didn't take a lot of pic's but enough to get the idea.

Starting with the box that I couldn't get open (stupid child proof egg carton thing)

(haha) I thought that was a good spot

Then theres this one, I was proud of this one.

Yay!! Hiding eggs

Everybody was hiding the eggs so well that I thought I would help out the Kids, and make it easy for 'em

Then I threw a curve ball...

But the look on their faces when they found the eggs was priceless
(the picture is blurry, Farns was just so excited)

Even Chrisy found some, and there were prizes in side,
Now don't go running or using that little pencil, you'll put your eye out.

The best part is that, we put out a ton of eggs in the seats and around the arena floor, I'm just not sure that the kids found them all, so some lucky attendee(s) coming to the show tonight are going to find some early Easter Eggs. Good for them yea.......

*****Not all the events or stories to the pictures in this blog are accurate, they may have been tweaked to make the me laugh.*****

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