Friday, March 21, 2008

One of Those Days

Today has be one of those days where you just hope that tomorrow isn't the same way, it all started with the lack a sleep I got last night, and already being tired, we drove threw the mountains, and it was just a rough ride, for those of you who have rode on a tour bus, every once in a while you'll just have night where even when your laying down in your bunk your holding on to something trying to not roll out.

Then to top it off I'm working on my work box since somebody put something away wrong and broke the drawer, so as I worked on the drawers I hit my thumb, I was wearing gloves so after wanting to kick something, (I did kick something) I took my glove off and saw that I broke the thumb nail half way up.
(I didn't want to take the band aid off it have to read that with a winy voice in your head)
It was bleeding and for the rest of the morning I continued to bump it on things, for example, for those of you who don't know what I do, I need my thumbs to cable the equipment, its not easy either. The pins don't look like much but I don't care what it looks like its a lot. So don't mock me!!

And then to top it off my handy dandy iPhoto program, on my external decided to go blank and not come back to life, when I went to import some pic's so I could blog, so at the moment I'm reimporting the few picks (10,219) I had on this particular hard drive, I just hope it comes back life.


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randy said...

the finger nail thing is the worst part but if my hard drive took a crap on me after my finger, i would have broken something for sure.

i think ive done just about everything i could do to my fingernails but im going to nock on some wood right now because its easter and i dont want to smash my finger.