Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Patti's Scared of Heights (Again)

I'm going to attempt to show a few pic's from our anniversary with out complaining about how much I Hate Gatlinburg. (Nope no link)

Patti and went to the middle of nowhere for our anniversary to relax and get away from the norm, and as you could see in the previous post one of the things we did was go on a chair lift, (And I spelled Height wrong "sigh") now most of you don't know but this is how it started - me: oh cool a chair lift, Patti: you wanna go, me: well yea - so we buy the tickets forgetting that Patti is afraid of heights we go to get on the chair and still she hasn't mentioned that she's afraid of heights, and still I have forgotten, until I see the face, you know what face I'm talking about...the oh crap what have I gotten myself into face, especially when she saw the mountain from the lift. (haha)
thankfully the lift didn't go to high, and wasn't to high off the ground so she did great.
Course once at the top she was cool...

We also went and hung out with the fish, at the place where all the fish hang out at?!

MMMM.... Funnel Cake

Ah yes yet another adventure up a mountain on a thin cable just this time we're in a tram car
Patti was still a little nervous (haha), but she's the one that wanted to go.
White knuckled and all, she did great.

Once at the top we had some fun, yup ice skating, it had been a really long time since I've been in ice skates, and I think it was Patti's first time and it was fun (haha)
Then it was off up another lift, to an even higher mountain top, and the view was pretty stinking cool it was worth it. (The ride up the lift with the wind blowing and it was cold was worth it)

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