Friday, March 14, 2008

Google The Sky is Falling?!

I was already to do a blog on when the crew gets done early and how we kill time till lunch, and then today happened and now I'm going to blog about what we do when we don't get done before lunch time, but thats just depressing so I'm going to do both.

Starting with what we do when we get done early.
What you can't hear is the "AhAHAhahaah GRRrrr"
that was put into swinging at the "Wiffle Ball"
And if you look close enough you'll see a couple RC Airplanes flying around, that seems to be the big craze as well.

Greg is looking towards Right FOH like he hit the poop out of it. But nope (haha)
(I have to say that after we told Greg to hold the bat with two hands he did hit the ball really good)

And now for the days when we don't get done before lunch.
I have to explain a little first of the situation, which is the rigging, as you can see in the picture all the ceiling tiles are part of the problem, and the other part would be O.E. (Operator Err)
So first the rigging was taking forever, baseed on a lot of things, and the reason I'm sticking to which is that they were just slow. So once we finally got our points we started working I was like hey my chains are up against the railing up there. I got "no big deal, do what you have too, we'll fix it later". (haha) At this point I'm getting frustrated and so I'm not really saying to much, and then we get a few rows built and "BAM!!" there goes the tiles and the railing, as you can see the outside railings and tiles come falling 44 feet to the ground.

It may not sound dangerous but when something is falling 44 feet from the air it turns into something not fun to be under especially when its falling and its shaped like a knife at one end.

It was also fun to see everybody scramble to cover the gear, when the tiles break, pieces go everywhere.

For those of you who don't read Randy Hicks' site, you should its fun, and when you do you'll see that I have stolen the arrow in the pictures routine, to help with my story tellin'.

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randy said...

hey thanks for the link loven.

I would have to agree that getting hit in the head with anything from that high up would hurt. even a water balloon. (water balloon would be alot cooler though)