Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Temporary Merch Guy 2

Do to the fact he wasn't here at the time I would like to let you all know about our temporary merch (WV) guy that came out to fill in for merch guy 2, I wouldn't normally do this just for a merch (WV) guy especially since he was only out for a couple shows and I really just don't care about them so there.

But this guy was unique in his own little way, 1 he was in a band that nobody remembers except Darren - which is pretty scary and a whole other blog by it self, I promise before I'm done with this tour I'm going to be doing a Darren Wikipedia blog! - Anyway....And B well that's all I really have, except to make fun of him, so here it goes.

Well even to make fun of him I really don't have anything except some photo's of him icing his foot cause from what I understand Yul Brynner dropped a table on his foot, but I think the real reason is he worked so hard for the 3 days he was out that his feet hurt and he use to be a band guy (ha), but it could just be the shoe's, or that captain Yul dropped a table on his foot!

Well anyway the thing is even tho you were only out for 3 days you made a difference in our lives Merch (WV) Guy 2, even tho nobody really bothered to learn you name. You be careful out there!

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The Farns said...

Seriously...a post about a merch guy and a temporary one at that...are you getting soft?