Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong...

After a busy couple days (suppose to be my days off from touring) the last thing I wanted to do yesterday was get on a bus in the middle of the afternoon and go to Iowa! Don't get me wrong about Iowa I love Iowa, I grew up here but... Iowa is the first of 5 shows this week, so that added to my distaste for wanting to be out this week. But it should be a good week for the most part its going to be good venues so I have that.

We've been on the road since last September I think, and last night was the first night that we stopped for dinner! It was nice, not a big fan of eating and then getting on a bus again, I usually get something to eat before we get on the bus, but I went inside anyway to hang out the locals.
(Get it the "locals"?... Thats me and Farns on the security monitor)

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