Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kicked to the Curb!

Yesterday I worked one of the many GMA shows of the week (I know I've mentioned this already) and I was dreading it beyond belief, cause all I wanted to do was sit in my PJ's and play video games, and blog at some point during the day, (when I get tired of dieing in the game) so to say the least I was bummed about doing the show, so it started out like normal early in the morning, heading downtown, I parked in a parking lot, and only paying a couple bucks with the thought that I would be able to get a parking pass, or just take my car back to the shop at some point during the day, so I didn't have to pay to park my car all day, well I didn't get the parking pass, but I did get a parking ticket!! And thats how my day started!

It was followed by, a day of color matching, and staring at LED's, and go up and down stairs, for those of you who don't know, I'm a big guy so when you put stairs and me together, it creates friction, for my legs, (more so for the thighs) I felt pretty good about it most of the day, (till I tried to get out of bed this morning!!)

But like most of the time when I don't want to do a show, or don't feel like working something, well....when I just don't feel like hanging out sometimes, I always find myself having a lot of fun, there was a lot of friends there, some I haven't seen in a while, some I've seen last week, starting with this Guy, he worked the show, and it had been a long time since we've just sat and talked it, was nice. It was also great to see the Wes and Ryan, they came to hang for the show, Brody was there, course he was everywhere yesterday! And well there was a lot of people there, it was lot of fun seeing and catching up with everybody!

But once it was over, we loaded out, and unfortunately there was only one elevator, and a ton of band gear under my LED walls, so I was the last thing to load out, and by the time we got the truck loaded, we didn't have enough room for everything, so a couple of the our guys drove the truck over to the shop to unload, and then come back, but while they were doing that, the building people of the saloon were like "we're ready to go" so they kicked us to the curb! Literally, we moved our cases out on to the side walk, and in the middle of the street, so there we waited in the middle of downtown, at 2am waiting for a truck to show up!

Yea it was still a fun day even tho I'm in my chair and hurtin!


Anonymous said...

Living the freak'n dream

Anonymous said...

Two weeks without positive Tuesday...I am starting to get depressed.

Lordfoh said...

I always hated those guys at the horse. not really, but I thought that might make you feel better.