Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Game Plan...

Todays offensive plan for the LED crew, there are import things to remember, 1-its a "2 man game" I'm putting Greg on defense for the wall, 2-"Protect against the fast break" that one is important if your not careful the union will pull a fast one on ya, and next thing you know your getting your rigging points last, or you hands are taking a 20min break instead of 15! And you have to beware of backline guys, thats the reason for "Movement" and "Move your feet" you have to be quick like a bunny on 15 redbulls! (or crack) With backline guys you always have to be moving, making sure your team is on offense, otherwise you'll get infested with backline gear everywhere! And lastly "you should have zigged when you zagged!" that's a biggie, cause its important to the zig the openers, if you zag and get caught, well I'm not sure what will happen, cause I've always "zigged".

I don't know if you've realized the point of this blog, its mainly that I haven't had a whole lot to blog about recently, that doesn't have to do with the normal work stuff!

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