Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Feet Hurt....

So the last few days my feet have been hurting, its pretty normal, when your the feet of a crew guy you pretty much don't get a break, your always walking, your always stepping on things (cables, walking on truss', bolts, ice, jumping up and down off of cases, or the stage) kicking stuff (to make it work usually) and a lot of the time we're walking threw the rain, or snow, so our feet take a beating, and our shoes are worse. I thought today I would share with you some of the shoes that are on our tour, starting with mine.

I caught my shoe the first week I had these on bolt under a case, and ripped a hole in the top, and needless to say, my left big toe has been rained on for over a year now.
I only took a pic of the left shoe, but both shoes are the same, I no long have any padding left in the soles of both of the shoes I own, they are rotting so now if I walk anywhere thats wet, my socks get wet, I'm pretty sure I need new shoes..... Nah I think I can get a few more weeks out of 'em

These shoes work for the openers, and I'm pretty sure they stink (pee u) I don't think he's wearing any socks! Thats gross.
Backline, they spend most of their time sitting here, wondering what its like to be in a real department, like video! (haha..)
Busy...Busy...stepping on cables then searching for glasses, these shoes spending a lot of time back tracking there steps looking for things!

The utility shoes, they have so many different things to do, usually they stand in one spot for a hour or two, then they walk around for a bit, then they sit for about 3 & half hours.

ah yes Shaq's shoe's, they walk in circles most of the day running cables.

They busiest shoes on the tour, these shoes never stop, they cover almost every inch of the venue we're in.
These look pretty new, but then again for the most part they stand in spot the whole day, which can be tiring, (there day dreaming of being in video too)

For the most part, these shoes spend more time climbing stairs the entire day, walking threw the nasty seats, the sticky stuff left by the sports game the night before. Yea Gross!

These shoes got a nike endorsement for pull up socks.

I'm sorry but my feet hurt even more just looking at these shoes! You can see there wear on the soles, from the constant walking.

YAY! The patriotic shoes, jumping up here and there all day I think they look pretty good for as much walking around they do!

HEEYYYY!!! Constant Going is what these do,

Kicking things again are some of the things, we do, and some of us deal with some pretty heavy things, and we're suppose wear steal toed boots, (especially since I broke two toes last year, when I had a 1800 pound stacked case roll up on 'em)

when he's not wearing the steal toed boots he's quick like a puma, (Greg quick...hahah the thought of Greg running is pretty funny to me, he's the one in the blog about "whats in the crew room" thats doing Pi)


snooch said...

Always a treat, Jeff. Thank you.

Eugene Brown said...


Anonymous said...

This was GREAT! Ingenious post!
I do feel like we need to take a collection and get you some new kicks, though. Looking at the pictures, it's as if I can hear those open soles gasping their last, "uughh... pppplllease... llllet us gooo... nnnooow...uhhhghhh..."
(and whoever doesn't wear socks might consider sleeping in a bay; ewww)

h said...

such lies on the utility shoes... they are always moving, and have a lot of weight on them!

smith said...

I think you really done a hard work on this blog. Your shoes are not in a good condition. You need some new pairs.