Friday, April 4, 2008

Jabba the Hut

You have to appreciate volunteers or at least I think they were volunteers, college students, which sometimes that can be ok, but when we look over and see, the lead college crony handing out garden gloves we knew we were in for a long day!

And it really makes for a long day when we start with "X" amount of college student helpers, and then one by one they start to disappear, when that happens you have the crew chiefs yelling at (not in the we're mad at you Darren, but from across the room you like nice today Darren sort of way) Darren to find out why? And the reason they disappeared.....class! That makes for a long day for everybody!

Especially when you have heavy (not just heavy, but like jabba the hut heavy) stuff, for example all 14 of my carts weigh 900lbs. a piece, some of audio's stuff weighs 1200lbs a piece, and when you have this hill, (look at the picture) it doesn't look like much but its carpet and its steep! 6 helpers were taking one of my cases down, and they didn't weigh as much as the case combined, the slope of the hill adding to the progression of weight, the helpers in the front turn into speed bumps, and the ones not in the front just get dragged. Then once at the bottom they find a normal me on load ins that stink, saying "Great ya'll thanks, only 13 more to go".
When You have college kids that don't really have any idea how to handle such heavy equipment you get faces from the crew which can look excited or maybe scared, or look like Greg!

Our Power on/off switch, I couldn't find the dollar slot, I had to get change.

I wanted to point out which one is Harry!