Saturday, April 5, 2008

Whats your Number?

Ah update day or as the Belgium’s spell it on our spiffy LED wall “UPDTE”, not entirely sure why they felt to spell it that way, when they have plenty of room left on the tile to spell the whole thing, every time I get a chance to ask why, there’s usually a bigger problem going on that takes my attention away from the simple easy questions.

Like today when something isn’t right and I call tech support, (now before I go into my little rant I would like to mention that some of the folks that have helped me on tech support have been really helpful) I start out by giving an explanation of what’s going on, followed by what product I’m using, (for the second time) then my phone number again, then waiting for a minute on hold, followed by what product I’m using (for the third time) I tell him I have two problems and would like to fix one at a time, the first one being a show stopper. (for those of you who don’t know what that means it means I’m IN BIG TROUBLE!!) So I explained the first problem AGAIN, we talk about it, he asks for my name and number for the 4th time (I decided to use a number instead of spelling out the number just to get my point across how many times I’ve told them) Then he says “ok lets start with a few questions….

Finally we start getting to the good stuff like....
-“did you turn it off and then back on?” (all questions are answered yes by the way)
-“have you tried replacing the cable?”,
-“what software version are you running?”
–“can you tell me how big the wall is? Oh cool!” (I’m not lying, that really was one of the questions today, and he had no real direction for solving my problem, other than wanting to know how big the wall was!)
-“hmmmm… you turned it off then back on right?”
-“Do you have a back up plan? Ok cool lets try that!”,
-“what city are you in? Is that close to that other city?”
-“WELP… let me call somebody and see what they say, it sounds like a problem that I’ve heard of, I’ll get back to you shortly, for now just keep turning it off and then back on!!”

So here I sit waiting for him to call me back, with the thought that I’ve figured out the problem, for the second time today before he’s called me back with his ever time consuming of a decision. (Bless his heart), I’m counting the minutes it takes for each tile to “UPDTE” (54 X 2:05 min.) hoping to get done before doors open!?!

He Never Called Back....But I figured it out (fingers crossed)


Anonymous said...

Maybe the people of Belgium are of the same school of spelling as the Culmer people?

Not sure if I remembered to say it the other night when I was sick, but thanks for working so hard to fix he wall before doors. I never worry with you, you always get the job done.

Anonymous said...

That's why you're the man! Hope you guys are having fun out there. Drop me a line some times Chris has my number or should anyway I leave it for him every time i leave a voice mail. The cracker never returns my phone calls.
I have to put my name in this way since I am not a member of your blogging community.
Eric Kent