Monday, April 28, 2008

My Laser Shoots Straight!!

So I thought today I would share with you one of the challenges that we encounter what seems like more than we should. And that's the stage being in the wrong spot, see how's it works, our PM (Farns) knows how many points (motors to hang in the air) we have, where they go etc. etc. so he emails a plot (a little map) to the building person or whoever is there local, then he calls them and they talk about it, where the beams are in the ceiling, how much they can hold weight wise, and all that jazz, so then the night before or early in the morning I'm not really sure (don't really care) cause when I come inside its all up and ready for us to set up.

So when Farns calls and they talk about things, he asks where ever the main beam that can hold the weight is, the stage needs to be 18 inches away from the beam, (really just get it close to 18 inches, it can be 20 inches you know which ever I'm not picky) but more often than not, the stage is put either directly in line with the beam, or its just not close enough, or theres nothing there period, and my favorite, is when the building people blame us (me) that our lasers are not right, and when they lasered it, it was right on! So somebody either came in and moved the stage while there was nobody there, or my laser doesn't shoot straight! Either way its not there fault which I think is funny, (some days, and then some days pissy Jeff shows up) And it really makes Farns mad, sometimes thats pretty funny!

Let me explain why I need the stage in a certain spot, at 18 inches from the back of the stage,the front of the LED wall will hang about 8 inches from the back of the stage, now the front of my LED wall is really fragile, and when we're working on it, or building it, the wall goes up and swings forwards, so thats why we need at least 18 inches from the back of the stage, if closer than 18 inches the wall will swing into the stage and break LED's, and that makes me mad! To far away and we have site line problems (people won't be able to see the whole wall)

(SIGH) after saying all that!!

Today I come in and our TM says "hey Culmer you might want to check the beam your hanging off of, it doesn't look like its in the right spot!"

So I put my laser (that shoots straight) on the floor where my wall should hang and nope! It wasn't in the right in spot, as you can see the beam is on the pink line, and 18 inches is where the blue line is, but theres no beam above the blue line theres an air conditioning duck so yea....

So heres what the beam looks like, the air duct, and theres the laser dot, at that moment it was 8 inches behind the stage which is to close, so what do we do?
Yup they have to redo the stage!

Here's what it looks like after they move the stage, (today its ok if its too far away) I put a blue line where the stage was before they moved the stage! And now you know, (and knowing is half the battle, "G.I. JOE")


Slaughter said...

I know that place...Ft. Smith, AR. Good story.

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