Thursday, April 17, 2008

Since 5:50am...

Here I sit at what is apparently 6:30am, and 63.4 F˚, and a quarter moon, I've been up since 5:50am for reasons that I think are pretty good, my wife had to get up at 6am and I thought I would get up as well, and call her to make sure she was up, she doesn't usually have to get up in the morning and I do so I thought I would call her, even tho I don't usually get up this early I thought well I'll be able to go back to sleep, (yea that didn't work now did it hot shot) you know whats the worst is when you have a cold, and it hurts to breathe cold air when your laying there trying to go to sleep, you finally find that one spot that the air isn't killing your throat, so you fall asleep, and then like a couple hours later you wake up sweaty, man does thats the worst.

Anyway the only blogs that I read that are from this early are these two - guys, and I think their crazy! This is way to early!


brody said...

Morning Culmer. It's not fun being up early, but when three kids come running in your room at 7 that's all the sleep you get.

See you tomorrow? Feel better.

randy said...

well its not that early anymore but what can i say im just an early bird i guess. and the silly thing is im on pacific time.