Friday, May 30, 2008

I Drove All Day...

So my day started in the morning still in Huntsville helping snooch, getting things organized, it was fun except for when I hit my head walking under stuff, that part stinks! But overall we had fun, we cabled stuff, labeled stuff like he's doing in the pic, we laughed we cried, we told stories, it was a good time!

Then once I was done, the Wife and I were on our way back to Nashville, first of course we had to throw money away.

And whats a trip with food on the go, mmm milk shakes!

Once I got back, it was off to the shop to unload all the crap in my trunk, yea it was like being in a low rider driving back, all the extra stuff that we didn't need down there.
Then as soon as I got there, I saw the clock and I thought uh oh! I need to pick up a buddy at the airport, so I quick put down the camera that I using to blog with, unloaded everything and booked it to the airport

It was a good day, even the part that I running around town all day

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