Monday, May 19, 2008

My Mulling Isn't Quite Over...

Finally Monday came around, I spent the weekend mulling over all the stuff I needed to do, thinking that I should just go in and work for a bit here and there, but instead I turned my phone off, after putting in some grueling hours, I thought I'm going to take some time to myself for the weekend before the summer festival season kicks in, except for Sunday morning when the truck I loaded left for a gig, and I thought for a brief moment did I pack everything? That's the worst!

Anyway... I got in this morning bright and early, and well back to this...

And then I went on to this for most of the day, after figuring out the sequence I spent half the day daisy chaining, e-taping and zip tying. You know it sounds like fun!

Theres a valuable lesson in this blog, that I have done nothing but work all day, and at the moment am consumed by a plot!

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