Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stupid Sunrise....

Well it was the last day in the shop for the week, thank goodness, even tho it was nice in the mornings with the sunrise over the interstate signs, its going to be nice not getting up before the sun comes up! But the up side was that it was a little nice spending some quality time with me, and some music, and my toast that I made before I left home that some mornings I had apple butter on it, but had chunky peanut butter this morning, and then a ton of LED, while my wife sleeps comfortable in our bed, I've been so jealous!

Ah the fruits of labor, it only took forever to build everything, but its so beautiful, the colors of Christmas, that makes it all the more appealing!!

1 comment:

Eugene Brown said...

sometimes Nashville has got some tight sunsets!!

Nice pic!