Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Positve Post (The Wife)

For Positive Post Tuesday my wife has informed me that I need to do another post on her, and this time it needs to be entirely devoted to her and not other stuff, so (haha) here's a positive post just for her!

My wife does deserve to have her own post, she puts up with me on a daily bases, not only that but she's so good at just giving me the much needed time to relax, when I get home the last thing I want to do is go out to dinner, go to movies, go shopping, really just going any where other than my chair, and she lets me just sit there, (sometimes) I love that she's her own person, one of the things that I love is she yells at the tv when she disagrees with something on there, or watching a tv game show and she knows the answer she yells it at the tv, and when the person gets it wrong she laughs and tells the tv their stupid! And if she's..(before I finish I need to explain something about my wife, she doesn't laugh at things like some people do, something can be stupid funny, and she'll just sit there and look at the tv, and when you ask her if she didn't find that funny she'll be like no that was really funny, I just didn't laugh)...watching like funniest home video's or one of her shows that she likes to watch, she starts laughing you can't help to laugh with her, She has that contagious laugh its awesome!

One of the funniest things is when she gets in bed, or goes and lays down in the after noon just watch tv (cause I'm playing xbox) its like her legs are broken and she no longer can get herself anything to drink, or eat, so she with a faint voice will ask me to get her something, its pretty funny.

And she loves to AIM (iChat) me when we're sitting the same room! That drives me nuts sometimes cause I'll answer her verbally and then she types back cause she knows it drives me crazy! You have to Love that!

And for the longest time she wouldn't eat ice cream, cause when she did she said she would be to cold afterwards! How can not love that.

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The Farns said...

Awww, I feel like I know and love Patti just a little bit more. At least you made Positive Tuesday for Pacific Time...haha