Monday, May 5, 2008

The To Be Continued...

Here's the "to be continued" post...and I thought I would share another picture, this time of the entire crew including the merch guys, we're all standing on the out skirts of a Gaff tape shape of a the bands logo, I thought that was a pretty cool idea! And again just a good group of people to work with!

And when you have a crew thats been together for 90 shows and most of us had done other tours together, you get a crew that pranks the opener bands together!!

Whats that? oh you wanna know what we did??

First, you have to gather all their cases and stack them..

Second, during load in you have the riggers hang a spare 1 ton motor upstage!
Third, you need some gaff tape.
Forth, you need a ton of industrial shrink wrap.
Fifth, you fly the finished product 35 feet in the air.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Culmer...once couldn't have picked a worse picture of me. WOW!