Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 For 3

It just wouldn't be right unless I saw Nick at a festival, so far I've done 3 festivals this summer, and I've seen him at all 3, and of course it wouldn't be any fun unless we had something to do, the first festival, it was unusually cold to the point of us sitting there shivering, the next one it got rained out, (only on the day he showed up!) so we sat around watching it rain, watching my screens get pounded by the wind and rain, (Not fun) and yesterday, he had some technical difficulties. Never a dull moment with Nick, but it was fun, just like always, after working off and on all day (and I helped) we just talked and hung out, always fun!! Especially when he buys funnel cakes, and since I'm pulling out the statistics, I'm 2 for 3 on having funnel cakes this festival season.

I got to thinking, I haven't posted a pic of what the place looks like with my huge screens, if you notice for the most part the screens are as big as the stage! I love it!! Its all about LED baby...(haha) Course if we didn't have our awesome camera guys out here making things look good, I wouldn't look as good.. (sortof)

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The Farns said...

The one on the left is brighter...haha