Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Kept Falling A Sleep...

You ever feel like your being subjugated by the man! This week I have had more trouble with hotels, and people that think they can do whatever they want, or just people that think their more important than you, just because they know somebody, or their apart of something that they think is a big deal. It always cracks me up when people at these festivals that think their the "stuff", cause their in a leadership position, once a year they get to hang with the bands, rub shoulders with the headliners crew, and dictate a schedule.

Thats all I got, I just wanted to rant for a minute about stupid people. Today we didn't get done loading out till around 5ish am, starting at midnight and working all day, we were a little tired this morning, but we decided that we had to get to the next festival so we just went a head and piled into the semi, and drove the 5 hours to the next gig. Even tho theres bunks in the truck I decided to stay up and talk to our driver, it was funny cause I kept falling a sleep in the middle of our conversations, it was pretty funny!

But we finally made it to the next gig, I've been sleeping on and off all afternoon, and evening, I just woke up cause all of sudden I hear some serious thunder action going on out side, I thought I better take a look and see, and this is what I saw, I happen to have my camera handy, to snap off a couple shots, and then I got to thinking how long is this suppose to last? Since we have to load in the morning, so I looked, its suppose to be nasty storming for the rest of the night and all of tomorrow, so I just hope the weather people are sort of wrong!


randy said...

some day I'll be important and then I can tell you what to do... "bring me a cup of hot coco" "NOW!!!" then you can run and get me one.. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

All part of living the dream my friend.