Friday, June 13, 2008

It Started Sunny And Hot...

Today started out sunny and hot, then around 1pm it started to rain a little, then about 10 minutes later it turned into windy and pouring rain, not to long after that it started lightning, so they had to tell everybody to leave, it was kind of a bummer. Everybody boo'd at first, but then realized the seriousness, so they left pretty quick.
Leaving there chairs and tarps there, in hopes that the show will go back on later, so us crew guys and gals, sat around for hours, just waiting, it would let up, and they would start sound checks again, and get ready to let the people in, then they would look at the radar on the computer, and see what your seeing and say we're about to get some more rain!!

It was crazy how much it rained, and the good and bad of the night was they had to cancel the rest of the evenings shows, it just wasn't letting up, and it wasn't just the rain it was the lightning.

But it was fun hanging with Nick, we just sat around talking for pretty much the whole day!!

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Anonymous said...

What happen....last year your new favorite things was rain pictures.