Friday, June 27, 2008

Keep Hitting It With The Hammer!...

Yesterday in the midst of my back problems and tiredness, I decided to do a little work and head over and hang with some folks, and talk about gear and shows, the usual shop talk stuff. One of the people working at this shop had a pair of sun glasses that were aviator looking, but pink. Hmmm.. I don't know about that? Pink could so be my color if it wasn't for the redness, and that I'm a dude.

Last night, Jenkins' went to work out while Patti and I cooked some dinner, (ok Patti cooked, I just helped with the french fries, which I know they look greasy, but with the Garlic/Parmesan sauce that she made from scratch, Mmmmm.....)
he said he was going to join us, well I send him a text that dinner is about ready, he replies with "I can't get my truck to start!" After tinking around a bit, he decides that its his battery, So I was off to pick him up, we head by the house to eat first then off to the worst place ever for costumer service (at least here in our town) to get a new battery, well after a little bit of debating which battery to get we head back the truck, install it, and nothing, just some clicking, so Jenkins' grabs a hammer and starts crawling under the truck (oh how I wish I would have taken pic's of this) and he starts beating the starter, and whatever else he can find underneath truck all the while I'm turning the key trying to start it every few minutes.
Sooo redneck, as people are walking to their car, they have to be wondering what is going on? Here's the little guy under a pickup truck hammering the underneath, and a tall redheaded guy yelling nope! (I know what your thinking, Jenkins' is under the truck, why did you have to tell "nope" when he can clearly tell that its not starting? Well.. .. I don't know? I guess it felt like I was helping, so shut it!!)

So he makes the decision to get it towed in the morning, so we talk about it for a minute, coming to the conclusion that its right in front of the place, and in front of light pole so we should push it up hill to the parking spots behind it, and take up two (2) spots so the tow truck would have an easy time getting. We then start complaining cause we know this is a good idea but we're both wearing flip-flops, again we're pushing up hill. (haha)

As we're about to leave he says... "watch, some jerk with a compact car will try and park in the half spot! Even tho we took up the two spots" (more like one and a half), so I drop him off this morning, so he could get it towed, and sure enough someone parked in front of him in the half spot. I could rant all day about the laziness/inconsiderateness of people, especially the ones who drive nice cars (that have more money than I do!), leaving 2 inches from bumper to bumper and the trunk of the mercedes sticking out a good 2-3 feet into the driving lane. (haha) I would have to say he called it, and it was pretty funny!

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randy said...

I used to keep a golf club in my Willys wagon because it was the only thing I had that would reach the starter.

being redneck can be fun!!!