Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tennis Balls?...

My back has been hurting the last couple weeks, and the last two days, its been craziness waking up around 5am the first night, and 6am this morning with a nagging pain, so for 3 hours I laid on the floor with a heating pad, applied a damp cloth to do whatever that does, tried to walk it off by walking like a couple miles, which by the way I felt like I had more energy by walking, but, I still think its overrated. Then I decided to take a shower for 3o minutes under scolding hot water, nope! I was still in pain.

So I called my wife's chiropractor, went in, he mentioned that my spine is curvy, and blah blah, so the end result is that I'm in a lot of pain cause I have what he calls "To Tall Syndrome". Its where your always ducking for stuff, when talking to people and its hard to hear you bend your head down, or your whole body to hear them better, the end result is that my spine has been curving over the years, so he cracked my back in like 15 different places, then did the Chuck Norris neck crack, but I didn't die! (I'm not implying that he kills people, just in his movies he likes to do that! Don't hurt me?!) Then he suggested that "when your on the road, use the heating pad and tennis balls!" I replied with "huh?" he goes on "get a couple tennis balls, tape them together, and then lay down on them splitting the middle with your spine"

I've already tried it and it works, I guess, it seems to help stretch the muscles around the spine, I don't know, it does seem goofy, so for a small price you to can make a back muscle stretcher cracker thing!?

You need two tennis balls
Some Tape (I used Gaffe tape, but you could use any kind of tape)
And there you go! A sophisticated piece of chiropractic equipment!
(If you try this and hurt your back, I take no responsibility if you hurt self, I reserve the right to laugh at you tho)


Kristin said...

this is also a handy tool to use on a woman in labor.

brody harper said...

Looks dirty