Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yup thats right Brody has come up with another good idea, I hate to just copy what he said, but I'll just give you a little taste of what he said, but you should go over and read it in full, and then check out the sites that are on his top five referrers.

"I had this thought the other day. I wanted to come up with a way that we, as a community here, can encourage the people that are encouraging us in the blog world. Here’s what I propose. Remember when I told you all to to figure out how to find your “top referrers” for the past month?

Here’s the deal. I say once a month we find out our “Top Five Referrers” for that month, those that showed us the most “link love” and show our appreciation by writing a little something up about their blog encouraging your readers to check them out..."

So I don't have the best tracker, and I've tried my best to figure out my "referrers", so here we go.

Brody Harper: He started this crazy thing, (it was a great idea) Brody and I met on tour, I thought he was funny with his easy going way of working/life, he use to put up on the production office door weird facts about the city we were in at the moment, he was always blogging, which I mean his blog is fun to read, and hard not to steal ideas from, cause he's full of 'em.

Eugene Brown: Eugene's blog is interesting, he started it when we were on tour together, (where I met him by the way) one of the main reasons its interesting is because of the way he writes, you need a translation half the time, its that bad, and that funny, I can't even give you an example, you just have to read it for yourself! It's good reading.

CrownsCrewBlog: I think this one is funny, cause its more of a combination of people that write in this blog, its fun seeing what and who is going to be posted next, mostly I like to see what picture of Darren is going to be next. And all the different views of show from the different people on a crew.

Hector & Christy: I like reading this blog, I've known Hector for a while we've never really gotten (is that a word?) to know each other, we had more of work relationship, but on the last tour I did with him, I got to know him more, and found out how good of a graphic artist/photographer he is! And Christy, I met not to long ago on the fall tour, she does most of the blogging, and she's such a good writer! You get to know her heart in just a paragraph of words. And she's a good photographer herself.

Nance Family Blog: The Nance Family... I've known Steve for a long time, he use to have this blog that had all kinds of stuff to click on and stuff everywhere, then he created a family web site, I love it, him and his wife always have something to blog about! Steve always something new going on, all while running a business, it just shows that for those of us that don't blog all the time, we have no excuse!

And there it is, the top 5 for the month. Hopefully I do better with keeping up this, than I do with "Positive Post Tuesday", that one has slipped away from me, I've been to busy ranting about traffic, and ToDo lists.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, thanks for the kind words on the site. A sidenote on that, the look and feel will be changing soon.

About your question on the small group. Every Wednesday on my site I release the scripture for the following week(e.g. this weeks scripture is Romans 2). Each Tuesday, those who choose to participate will write a review/their findings of the weeks scripture. They will also link back to my site and also post their link in the Mr Linky for others to easily browse to.

It was something that I felt like could turn into something really cool. A way to build community through bloggers, other than just a few comments here and there.

I'd(we'd) love for you to try it out this week. Again we're studying Romans 2 this week, and come Tuesday is when you post your findings. If you like it, stick around.

Any questions just let me know, or look for the link in the last Small Group entry for guidelines/instructions.(sorry this was so long)

Anonymous said...

Hey..thanks for the sweet words. I know guys don't like to be called sweet but that's what ya get! I'm trying to catch up on the blog...sorry we have been lazy bloggers. Miss seeing you! -Christy