Thursday, June 5, 2008

I was wrong...

I was wrong, and this time I'm really excited about being wrong, The Borne Game doesn't come out tomorrow, like I said its was, its already out! Yea I'm going to be up all night playing.

Shifting gears, Jay (My Wifes little brother) is moving to PA tomorrow, he has a blog, (he never blogs anymore, I'm just sayin'! The boy needs to blog more!!) but its going to be sad to see him go, but he's going for the right reasons, I'm not really sure what all of them are, but I do know that I hope he has a safe trip!

And not to shamelessly promote, but I've been bugging these two guys to start blogging, and finally they have.

Starting with Stankin's since he was the first to actually tell me about his blog! Jenkins is a great story teller and photographer, he uses pictures so well to tell stories! You should go over and take a look!

The other is Nick, (haha) I'm looking forward to see what he puts up on his site, he's the type of person that is kindof quiet, but stupid creative!

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