Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

I thought today I would actually do a real positive post about people(s).

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The only two "Crew" Blogs that I know of are these two, you have to appreciate these people taking the time to blog, even tho they don't necessarily blog about the road all the time, its still the point that they blog and put things about their lives on the internet, being that I'm a crew guy, I know what its like not having the time on the road to blog, and how hard these guys/girls work! Thats why I think its a great idea to show the lives of the guys and girls that make the show happen, they live in the shadows, hardly sleep, put in long days, and very rarely get any credit if the show is amazing! Let me rant about that for a moment, think about it when you go to a concert and everything is awesome, the average attendee says "it was awesome the bands were amazing!!" but when the sound, lights, or video screw up, you hear, "the sound was awful!! Or the lights were in my eyes, or the video wasn't very good!" I'm a little bias towards the crews, and thats why I think this is one of the best ideas out there!
Everybody wants to know what the bands are like! And yea ok their the ones that pay our bills, (haha) so by all means go see a concert support the bands, so they can support the crew!

But I think the people that are behind scenes are so much more interesting!
So you need to go and check them out!

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