Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Same Old View...

Today we loaded in a festival in the middle of no where KY, which I guess most all festivals are in the middle of no where and some worse than others, and this on isn't to bad I guess, even tho we got lost going to the field, we turned and starting going down town in a semi rig, its not a good idea to take a semi in any downtown and get lost, we knew we were lost cause there were people!!

Once we found the place we started loading in, now its the second year the company I work for has done this festival, but my and everyone with me, first, so there were a could things that were different we had to build our own stages, to put the LED on to elevate it, that slowed us down a little but not to bad.

This was the view that I had for most of the day, while driving the lift stacking the tiles, moving cases from side to side, then cabling.

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