Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Time Is It?...

So last night I had to work down town, so around 10pm (Sunday) I left to head up that way, knowing that the show didn't get over till about 11pm, but I had to go to the shop and meet our truck driver, load some stuff in the nose of the truck, then we waited till about 11:20pm, then went downtown in my car to scope things out, and naturally, the show wasn't quite done, they still had the fireworks, announcing to the greater Nashville area that its late at night, all of the attendee's are leaving, most of them have had a lot to drink, so watch out! And wake up if your sleeping we're shooting off fireworks!

So after getting passed off to this and that person, we finally got the truck down to the dock, and started loading out, sorting through a ton a gear, even tho our gear is labeled, it was scattered everywhere but we got it all sorted out, (except for one case, that got loaded on another truck, earlier that day) we finally get our truck loaded and started heading to the shop, the stupid sun was coming up, and we still had a lot to do. I'll spare you the details, I'll just say that I didn't get home till noon, (Monday) which makes for a long day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey dude, just wanted to invite you into joining us this week in the blogger small group. Today is when we post our reactions to Romans 2. It's not to late to read and join.

Later bro.