Saturday, June 7, 2008

So Once Again...

Can you guess what day it is?
Its hair cut day... but I thought right before we cut it off, I would sport the mohawk one more time, I look like an idiot!

So once again my wife cut my hair, and its always fun when she cuts my hair, she does a great job, but there was one time when she got a little close, going around the ears, I looked like one a band guy with a crazy bald spot on the side of my head, that was a long time ago, but since I cut my hair like ever 5 months, that makes this like the 3rd time she's cut my hair, when it comes to cutting around the ears, she always starts to giggle!

With no mistakes, my hair looks pretty good!


brody said...

What would happen if you grew that red craziness out a little? It could be amazing.

Patti said...

Actually Brody...I let Him do that once, just to get it out of his system and it was everything BUT amazing! HAH! It was hideous! He's lucky I stayed with Him (kidding...kind :)

randy said...

Ive been growing mine out for the last year and its starting to get a little out of control.

I've been thinking about doing an odd style of mohawk but I havnt decided yet. Im trying to push through the nastiness of wanting to cut.

we'll see

Anonymous said...

I think next time just for kicks you should shave your head and your face...I want to see baby Culmer.