Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Think Anyone Will Notice?

So heres the finished product of our labor yesterday, and I think it looks good, a little low but good! (Hmm) it does look a little low, I wonder what "they" (they meaning I wasn't here) did last year? If you would go ahead and scroll down and see what they did..

Yup its way higher, I've even panted in blue the lines, its kind of hard to see, but, if you look closely you'll notice the 4 blue lines, the blue lines indicate where the grooves that are for locking the legs down, well in the picture I took of our staging this year, theres only 1 groove showing!! Let me say it again for those of you who read my blog, but don't really read my blog, you just skim through the words looking for spelling errs, 1 groove is all we have, and last year they had 4, so tonight we get to go and take everything down, break it all apart and raise the stage, to the right amount of grooves.

And I thought, maybe nobody will notice we can fix this, no problem. First thing this morning the stage manager says, "hey how you guys doin'? Hey are the walls lower this year?" As my head drops taking a deep breathe and saying "Yeessss"
(Sigh) we're doing the right thing, but, it still stinks!


Eugene Brown said...

that sucks brah!!!

Patti Culmer's Spot said...

Anonymous said...

Well the first one looks amazing! At least you won't be bored sitting around with nothing to do....haha sorry bro.