Monday, June 2, 2008

To Many Stories...

The other night Nick had a early flight, (like 7am early) so he stayed at our place, Jenkins was already staying with us, and whenever we all get together its nothing but stories and laughing, pretty much where ever we went to eat or hang out, it turned into stories and gossip but it was good gossip, you know the (hey have you talked to so and so, or what show is he/she on?) And of course we had to watch and talk about the new TobyMac DVD (live) that Nick was apart of, and how good a job he did, even tho he kept pointing out all the oops moments, then we watched the new Muse DVD (Live) dissecting all the gear. Followed by more stories and pictures, and then more stories!


Patti went with us to eat that night, and while we were out to dinner, she was pretty much bored since most of the stuff we talk about is work, gear, people she doesn't know, tech talk thats for sure boring to her, so her friend (Sarah) called and said she was done with work and wanted to hang out, so we were off to another place to hang out some more, and this time Patti wasn't bored listening to us!

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