Monday, June 2, 2008

Turn Signals People!!!....

Today I had a bunch of running around to do, dropping off stuff here and there, and in the course of doing all that, ( I'm fixing to rant for a minute so I'm sorry ) I was cut off 3 times today in the few hours that I was driving, now it happens a lot I know and to a lot of people, and usually I just complain about it and don't honk my horn, or make "gesture" at the person, but today 2 of the 3 people that cut me off, caused me to slam on my brakes and literally lock my brakes ( my tires made screeching noises ).

The first one was by a FED-EX truck that was parked behind a vehicle in the parking lanes on the right as your driving down town, you know how those spaces are, there in every town/city, I understand fully that he needed to go, and that sometimes you have to pull out in front of somebody, but he didn't have a turn signal on, and there was nobody behind me so he could have just waited but as I looked in his mirrors to see if he saw me he was on the phone, and just didn't care!

The Second was a man that was driving an expensive car, I was driving down the left turn lane he was in the drive straight lane, and all of a sudden he made the decision to turn left, again no turn signal and I was looking at his car the whole time (thankfully) I slammed on my brakes to the point of them screeching, I honked my horn letting the dude know that "hey you just pulled out in front of me!!" he turns around in his car and gives me the finger!! (haha) thats what we have in this world people that can't take responsibility for their actions, and are big and tough in their car!!

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Eugene Brown said...

I have to admit that I sometimes don't use my turn signal!! but I don't cut people off...unless they cut me off first...hold on...Heather's right...I have a problem wit road rage!!