Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Does That Even Mean?....

It wasn't my intention to make this an every week thing, and I don't mean to take part in the copying of this guy, like so many bloggers are starting to do, rather than participating in his trend setting, and having a day for everything, because by no means am I cool enough for that, in fact I'm uncool!

I just have found a new sense of humor for words I guess, I enjoy reading words that I've never heard of, and have to look up the meaning too, and then making fun it.

That was one of the main reasons I put up the first word! I like the idea (whether its true or not) of some person a long time ago or present, I'm not a timesist, (see I can make up words too!) making up words that make them sound smarter, or they needed a word to sum up a sentence, sense all the meanings to these words are a paragraph long, or it rhymes better with the words around it. But some of these words, you have to admit, just sound funny, if you try and use them in a verbal conversation you sound like an idiot, or like your trying to hard, and you can pretty much guarantee that you'll be made fun! And if you don't get made fun of just let me know what the word is, and I'll make fun of you!

Now I guess I could look up where words originate from, and how they got there start, but its more fun my way. Its fun trying to use them in the right context, which I'm pretty sure I have yet to do.


Lordfoh said...

do you even know what these words mean?

Main Entry: bel·li·cose
Pronunciation: \ˈbe-li-ˌkōs\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin bellicosus, from bellicus of war, from bellum war
Date: 15th century
: favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars

synonyms see belligerent

— bel·li·cos·i·ty \ˌbe-li-ˈkä-sə-tē\ noun

Culmer's Thoughts said...

I know what it means... Gosh!!