Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Self Portraits...

This weekend I've just been hangin' out, the first of the weekend were Travis and Jenkins seeing a movie and man was it a good movie, (I'm not going to tell what it was tho) then some hangin with some fellas that the one I've only known via blogging. Randy, it was fun actually talking and telling stories in person, we usually leave some one liners in the blog world, it was fun. The other is the blog-trendster, Brody, these two I'm pretty sure their taking over the internet.

And then Nick came over today, we spent the day hangin', he showed up in time for some of the Wife's good cookin', where we talked about the self portrait picture taking, and how he wasn't any good at it, so after cleaning up, and shooting the bull with Jenkins and Patti, and shopping around Borders and the grocery store, we went to the porch where we spent a good amount of time practicing self-portraits, well, Nick did and I just took pic's of him practicing.

At the grocery store he bought some snacks the afternoon, which weren't to bad, a little strong but actually pretty good . Garlic stuffed Olives.
You have to admit it looks so good!
Jenkins' came out on the porch for a bit, even after working out he was a little nervous about the wasps that was circling outside. His concern for getting stung didn't get in the way of us admiring Nick's special yellow laced shoes. That I'm not sure if he looks like he doesn't like the shoe's? Or concerned still about the wasps? Or thinking he was really hard about something?

After a long day, and especially for Patti (she had to work), we ended the day with a little Mellow Mushroom.


randy said...

Mellow Mushroom has some dang fine pizza, not to mention some cute waiters.

That dude with the tatoo,,, smokein...

Madison said...

For your self portraits check out the Xshot ( a cool telescopic arm you attach to your camera. You can take the picture from 3 feet. Pretty sweet.