Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Does That Even Mean??....

I've been reading this book, its about speech writers, now..... everybody knows that I'm a bad speller, don't know much about grammar, and put comma's here and there, you don't have to read my blog everyday to know this, you just can read this post and figure out that I'm not the best writer, but I like to share my thoughts and what happens during my day, really I just love telling stories.

So I'm reading this book, and after reading a chapter in it, I come to the realization that people, or I should say the people I'm around don't talk like they use to, and that in speeches people use words that nobody uses on a daily bases, (again the people I'm surrounded by) and this thought isn't coming just because I've been reading a book about speech writers, my wife and were actually talking about words the other day, that people don't really use in everyday life.

So saying all that I have decided to share the word with you, that, I had no clue what it meant, now what I mean by I had no clue, I mean at first I thought it was some sort of subway entrance, a gate that people went through to get to the subway! And I didn't go looking for words in the dictionary, thinking I have nothing to blog about, (cause I'm sure theres something that I could rant about from the day) so I'll pick out words in the dictionary, NO!! This is just a word that I read and had no clue what it meant.

I'm going to try and use the word in a post at some point in the next week, I think everybody should try and just use it. I tried earlier and felt stupid saying it! (haha)


Eugene Brown said...

haha...i just felt a lil bit smarter usin' that word...hahaha

Anonymous said...

This is for you and Eugene..."I do not want to be subjugated by 'the man' or anyone else and that is why I am freelance."