Wednesday, July 16, 2008

3D, Zone 1

I’m still trying to play catch up with my bloggin’, I’m almost there, since I slept the last two days, not much to blog about, that only leaves Monday. On Monday I was loading out at the beginning of the day, (12am – 6am) then a nice fella that we knew in Tulsa picked me up for the hour drive back to Tulsa on his day off to get me to the airport, course I was so tired that, I kept nodding off during the drive, it was rather embarrassing to say the least, only because, instead of saying I’m going to close my eyes for a little bit if you don’t mind? I kept trying to carry on a conversation, and then finally falling a sleep for a good 15 minutes, then waking up, and again instead of saying something to the effect of sorry about that, I say “Yea so anyway..” then after feeling like an idiot, I say “I’m sorry bro, how long was I out?” He was like “a little bit”. Once at the airport, the first flight was one of the most uncomfortable ones, I’ve been on in a long time I don’t want to go into details just because whatever.

The second flight on the other hand was interesting, what I was awake for! So here I sit in the airport my ticket says 3D Zone 1, I don’t think much about it, they seat first class and the people that need help, then zone 1, so I board the plane looking, naturally tired from the working for 24 hours, only getting 4 hours the night before the 24 hour work day, and then being up for 32 hours, I get to what is the third row in coach, and look up to see the seat number is 9, I stand there now, holding up the line just staring at the row number and my ticket, then coming to the realization that I’m on the wrong flight, (there were multiple) so again now I’m that guy trying to go the wrong way, I finally get to the front of the plane I stand off to the side where the flight attendant stands, she looks at me and says “sweety can I help you?” I looked at her with what I can imagine a look a defeat, and say “I think I’m on the wrong flight?” she says “well let me see your ticket”, I give her my ticket, and she smiles and say “No your on the right flight, your seat is right here” pointing at a seat in first class. Which by this time I had brought some attention to myself being tired, and her being loud, people start laughing.

I then sit in my seat; she asks, “What would you like to drink, once we take off? Beer? Wine? I mean you look like you’ve had a rough couple days?” I follow with “how much does it cost?” that gets some more laughs, she says, “honey is this the first time you’ve flown first class?” I just smiled, said "water would be great" and put my head against the seat. The next thing I remember is waking up and the guy next to me says, “she brought your water but you were already asleep!” I said “thanks how much longer?” Then I felt the landing gear go down.

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