Friday, July 18, 2008

Nice Hotel!

(The dark spot in the photo is my finger, thought I should tell ya)
My day started out pretty good, course I was sitting at home in my own bed, around 830 I just laid there wondering if I was suppose to get up, if I was suppose to go to the airport today, or if that was tomorrow? Then my alarm rang, meaning I had stuff to do, which meant that I had to go the airport today. Once I got that all figured out, I went and got a new book for the several 3 hour flights I have in the next couple days, and I’m almost done with the current book I’m reading. (Rambling)

Anyway, the first of two flights wasn’t all that bad, there was a tv in the back of the seat in front of you, which was nice (if you wanted to $5 for it to be turned on $8 for a movie), the lady next to me watched a movie that I actually watched wed. night. So I told here the ending (I was lying of course) and found it really funny when she kept looking at me, and I would tense up looking at the screen, then she would get all tense and whatever. Nothing would happen of course at that moment in the movie, I then would go back to reading. (I was really bored)

Then for the second flight, I walk through this huge airport with all these flight gates, I keep walking and walking finally getting to my gate, I look for a minute trying to find the LED sign that tells you the flight info for that particular gate, I can’t find anything so I look around some more and then the lady puts up the sheet of paper with the flight info on it! So naturally I think well maybe the LED sign is broken, get to looking at the other gates in the area, and nope! There all paper flight info signs. And the seating area was pretty much the hallway. (haha) It was alright till it started to get busy, with people getting off of planes and trying to make other connections, and everybody walking by you smelled like sweaty feet, it was actually pretty gross.

Which brings me to a question, you ever label a person by smell, based on the current smell they smell like at the moment you meet them? Cause I can only imagine the smells that label me!

Sorry, I’ve put up a picture of the plane I flew on to get to the small city in my two-city destination. It had been a while since I’ve been on a plane that was propelled by propellers! (SIGH)

I get to hotel finally, and I have to say it’s the nicest hotel I’ve ever been in!! I’ve taken some pic’s of what it looks like! It’s that good

I don't if you saw it or not but theres a dish washer, full sized fridge, stove top, microwave, a tv hanging in the bedroom, a tv and coach apart from the beds.

I'm kind of geeking out a little, its a really nice hotel!

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Umthun Family said...

Wow! What a blessing, you deserve a nice place even if is only for two nights!