Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crazy Kids ...

Its hard to see this is I'm sure, but if your able to make out all the little yellow sparkles, that would be a candle light service, last night they handed out all these candles, and then everybody starts lighting them, it looked pretty cool, until the mc's extemporaneously started throwing out free t-shirts and stuff from the stage, then realizing that this crowd is a little over zealous about free stuff, so after a few minutes of throwing out free stuff they decide to make the announcement to help us out by not catch things on fire, like the t-shirts we just threw out, and especially the very dry, dead grass that their sitting on!

I got one pic off before going to work, of the fireworks, I think I picked the wrong time to take my camera out, cause no more than a few minutes later, when I was almost done hobbling around and doing my gig, the big finally happened, you know where they shoot off everything they have left to explode, so yea all I wound up with is this lonely shot of "a" firework!

I've always said that blogging puts you in a better mood, I use to always try and be positive when I blogged, and I use to say that that use to help me be in a better mood, and then I started ranting a little bit here and there while blogging. So far today I'm in a bad mood, and I've tried to blog about things that would cheer me up, force me to write something, uplifting or positive, hoping that what I' writing would carry over to my attitude! Well so far it hasn't, I just went back and proof read my last two paragraphs, (proof reading haha... like I would know if theres something wrong with where a comma goes, or something isn't the right spelling) and you can see that I'm just in a bad mood! When your reading someone's blog can you tell when their in a bad mood but still blogging?

So in hopes that I get in a better mood, I've come up with a short series of pictures, that make me smile, (not this second) so I recently did a blog about these kids at this festival, playing games in large groups, making games up on their own, (one of the games I didn't tell you about and don't have a pic of is these kids trying to surf down this huge steap hill in kiddy pools! And pretty much getting mouth fulls of grass each time) well yesterday this is one of the games they came up with.
Standing at the bottom of the hill, they form a line of people all hunched over, and holding on to each other like their riding some really long scooter or something, anyway, then one person runs down the hill and tries to jump as far as he can in almost a leap frogging form, except not trying to jump completely over the group, but rather stacking as many people they can get on top of the base of people still hunched over, and holding on to each other, forming almost a human pyramid without falling over.
I think the goal is to get as many people on top, and to jump as far forward as possible, so that people that can't jump very high or as far can be in the back, course again you can go as high as you want, just don't fall off, or cause the whole group to fall over, then you have to start over! At one point they had 5 kids all on top in the back of the group and there was a kid that was little out of shape (thats the nice way of saying that he's over weight for a little kid!) runs and jumps and barely gets up there causing the whole pyramid to shift forward, he made on top but barely, more like holding on to the kid above him and kind of just hanging there in the back of the pyramid, that didn't stop the next kid from using him as a ladder and got all the way to the top before causing everyone to fall!

I took these pic's of this kid that was like 2nd or 3rd to jump, well he jumped a little to well, and leaped frogged the whole group, it was awesome, here's the pic's of the kid jumping, and then going head first over the whole group, it was impressive!

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randy said...

I'm not sure what to say,,, sweaty guys jumping on top of each other only bring bad thing to mind...