Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Blog About Work To Much..

It seems to me that in my going back and skimming through my previous posts I spend a lot of time bloggin about work things, I try to just blog about my day, I guess I could pick things that happen that don’t have to do with my job, but I really haven’t had a lot of time not working. And the worst part of is, there were two highlights to my day yesterday, and one of them was that I got a exit row, and there was no seat in front of me. Yup that was one of two highlights yesterday.

The second is two part, one half actually getting to hang with an old friend (Schwarz) and half he cooked dinner, I won't go in to detail as to what he cooked but I will let you know that the cake was really good.

I had to use the bathroom, (it was a long flight) and while in his bathroom, I noticed a few things that might be out of place in my own bathroom now that I'm married, for starters the plate and fork, the pitcher of water, the old man hat, the bottles of wine. (Just for starters) It was awesome, when I told him that I took a picture of his bathroom, he started laughing, and made a reference to himself being "Kramer" from that stupid show that I never really watched all that much.

It was really fun hanging out with him, we need to get together more often.


Kristin said...

does he make salads while in his shower?

solderchecker said...

sometimes, maybe.......