Sunday, July 6, 2008

Land Of Twain...

The Land of Twain, Missouri, (haha) or I as called while riding in the semi today, Misery, if your from MO don't get me wrong its not a bad state, I mean at least semi's can drive over 55mph in the "show me state", as apposed to IL, (where we came from) I was just joking around about the misery thing. (sortof) It's like any other state that you see from the interstate, rather boring, full of bill boards, except everything in MO is filled with Mark Twain everything, gas stations, grocery stores, Natl. Forests.
It got me thinking, I don't remember reading any of his books? I'm pretty sure I have, when I was a kid in school, but I don't remember any of it. And the other thing I got to thinking about, was why did I eat what I ate for lunch!? You ever go on long trip, stop for for some food, and your so hungry that when you ordered your like man that looks good! I think I'll order it, forgetting that, the item in which you just ordered can put you behind schedule, and has done so to many a costumers! But you still find yourself ordering it anyway?

(Gosh darn it!)
It looked so good in the picture, but about an hour afterwards I instantly regretted my decision!

Once we found a hotel to call it a night in tonight, I get up to my room and open my drapes, and wouldn't you know it, the scenery wasn't all that bad!

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