Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Nice Part...

In & Out Burger

I'm in such a bad mood that I've decided to share the only thing that was half way decent about my day, other than waking up next to my wife, for the most part my day usually does pretty good when that happens, but when I have to leave the love of my life and then travel with a bunch of.... its gonna have to wait. Ranting about things right now might cause my blog rating to raise from PGish to R real fast and nobody wants to hear my complaining about how stupid people really are anyway so, I'll wait till tomorrow to rant about people in a more cheerful ranting sort of way! But here's to positive Tuesday, the guy who started In&Out Burger, thanks for giving us from the other side of the country something look for late at night when everything else is closed!

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Melody Milbrandt said...

Jeff - I'm here from Brody's PPT. I just had to say this post of yours did make me laugh. Which I needed. "The guy who started In and Out Burger." Nice. Well, also waking up next to your wonderful wife is for sure a great thing. :) Prayin' for you to have a blessed day and a peacful upcoming weekend.

God bless you and yours - Melody Milbrandt