Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Rant About Leadership..

My day was full of wind, the people speaking were full of wind, the people singing were full of wind, (except the first band, not sure who the guy was but sweet goodness it was some good music) the tents with the gear in them was full of wind, and the day was for the first time only slightly windy.

You ever sit and just listen to people, how they talk? How they handle things based on who the person their talking too is? I was amused the last couple days sitting back and watching people. I guess in some way we all act a little different around people that we think are important or famous. One of the types of people that I’ve been observing are people who are in charge of /manage companies, the way they make decisions based on wanting more work in the future from a client, or how they talk to people that are in other departments (If you don’t own the gear, you don’t get a say in it!!) I’ve been around several owner/management type people that act all important the last couple weeks, one was such a go getter that he was obnoxious about things he had back at his warehouse to help solve any little problem the client had. I mean good grief let the person know you have an object, then drop it will ya? I don’t understand the obsessive need to annoy someone to the point of awkwardness just so you can say their renting this stuff from you?

I had twice! Let me say it again Twice, two (2) different owners of companies on two (2) different gigs tell me what to do with the LED walls if the weather gets bad! And they were completely different suggestions, and both very inappropriate advise. Today I had a guy telling me the things I need to do in case of a storm, I was like “I appreciate your concern bro, but I know what to do, we’re good, no worries”, well he proceeded to follow me around and tell me how to my job. (haha) I just stared at him for a minute, then he said “these are all things you probably already know?” I continued to stare, this time adding a smirk, and said, “It’s all good”.

The point of my rant tonight/today is, if you find yourself reading a book in a coffee shop, or waiting in the airport, or just being out to lunch with a bunch of suits and ties around, just take a moment and listen. Listen to how they talk, how they treat the people around them, how they treat their server, how they act on the phone, how their demeanor is when they tell someone to do something, and if they hide in their arrogance because of their ignorance of leadership or lack of ability to lead, all the while wanting more responsibility so they can have a higher pay grade! (Still ranting) Ask yourself, “do I have any of these tendencies, that cause me to roll my eyes at this person?” the world needs better leaders, ones who actually make a difference in what they do and who surrounds them, as apposed to only wanting to make a difference to their wallet.

Ok now I’m done ranting today. (sorry)

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Eugene & Heather Brown said...

Kirk Whalum brah...that was the dudes name with the bangin music!!

oh wait...you're probably talkin about the last band...crap...I can't remember their name...oh wait i remember...it was the "thank you" band!! ha!!