Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stupid Roofing..,

I really for the most part don't have a whole lot to say about today just a lot of pictures. Roger and I went down early to the venue (Town Park) we were setting up at this morning a little earlier than needed to scope things out, which what we found was the staging roof was still down, for those of you who don’t know, when the production people (i.e. sound, lighting, LED, video etc.) load in the stage and roof that our motors hang from, has been up for at least a full day, well the roof guy thought he would just finish his gig, when he felt like it, and there was a big mud puddle, where I was about to set the wall.

So we start unloading our truck anyway, I lay out our stage decks, in the mud to help keep the expensive stuff clean, I get our motors all situated, thinking well maybe the roof guy is waiting on that? (Nope) I turn around and here’s one of the head production guys with a shop vac sucking up all the water in the puddle. He looks at me and says “somebody's gotta do it”, and I replied “yea… that’s going on the internet”. But bless his heart, the mud actually starting to be less nasty later in the day.

And then I sat around for ever it seamed like, waiting on the bloody roof! Finally around noon (we were suppose to be done by 1pm) the roof started going up! But, then it stopped, where it shows in the pic. And I went back to sitting there.

I know what your thinking, "holy cow the LED screen is actually being built!" (at 230pm) I got three rows then I had to wait for the roof guys, again.

For the best part of my day, the part where the PM comes over and says, “we’re going to be getting 50-60mph winds and a pretty big storm! Did I mention the softball sized hail that’s with it?” I just laughed, after the last couple weeks, I’m convinced its just not a festival, unless there’s some nasty storm involved! (haha) So being that the wall is waterproof, and the wind is being blocked for the most part by stuff, I focused on the hail part of things, and created an awning. It was so redneck I had stuff bungeed, roped, tucked, glued, and hog tied, when I was done, I kept waiting for it just to blow away, like in some stupid movie or something, I’m not entirely sure it would have protected the wall in the end, but I think I should at least get a b+ for the effort. (there was no hail in the end)

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