Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trying to be Postitive Post Tuesday ...

This weeks PPT isn't about objects or people, but more in hopes of being positive! This week is one of the hardest festivals we do, just because of the genre, and the people are a little less... well its hard to explain, lets just say their different. One of the other things about it is, most of the festivals we do, we'll have the occasional storm, some really bad, but not like its threatening the gear weather, (except for maybe that one gig) this festival is in OK. where its flat, theres lots of storms, and the wind just never dies. As you can see in the pic above, the flag is whipping inexorably, big heavy LED walls and wind don't exactly mix to well, because there's just several variables that can go wrong. But won't. (knock on wood) So theres where I'm trying to be positive, its hard when you watch and check the weather outlook for the week! (haha) But seriously!

Question? How come when you bite into an ice cream sandwich it always seems to flatten out, smoosh all the icecream to the outside, and all you end up with is a mouth full of cookie? (and some times wrapper)

Oop, would you look at that, a nasty storm! We get done eating dinner and Roger says, "hey get your camera, you have to take some pictures of these clouds!" and I'm only showing you a glimpse of the craziness thats out there, its dark enough and big enough that while Roger and I were standing out there discussing some sort of strategy on if it gets to wild and crazy, that most the people in the hotel were coming out to have a look! So I'm keeping positive that all my gear will be fine! (haha)

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