Saturday, July 26, 2008

We Bought Stuff...

Today our tv/internet stopped working for a bit, usually when that happens I spend the whole time on the phone with the company being really annoying wanting my technology turned back on. Well today I was good, I only called once. After the call to annoy, Patti and I were like well lets go out and do something, it had been a while since we’ve just gone out and shopped a little.

Let me talk first a little about when you lose something like the tv/internet, you find yourself being bored, so what do you do when you bored? You buy things! It was like a win win situation, Patti loves Guitar Hero, and I Like video games (I love not thinking) so when we saw it we were like sweet!

Then it was off to Borders, Patti had finished her book the other night and I'm already half way through the new book I've started. Well ok here's the thing I like to just go and walk around book stores, it makes me feel smarter, it seems to me that all the cool people are doing it, they walk around with their mocha vanilla frap. latte non fat creamer lightly iced with a strongly grounded bean flavor with a twist of orange drink, browsing the literature with a look like they have gas and are holding it in, I think its awesome, I got a couple books that I've been looking at for a couple weeks now. Well I've been looking at one of 'em for a couple weeks, Farns told me about the top one a couple days ago. Patti got a couple as well.

I just wish I was able to read supper fast, I mean are there really people out there that can read a 500 page book in less than a week, and still be able to watch tv, and you know have a life?

After searching around a bit, the internet says that the average person reads 200-250 words a minute, I've taken the test, I read at around 200 words a minute, so I guess that means that I'm at the bottom of average. (sigh)


randy said...

hey, it all depends on reading comprehension... Im probably at the bottom as well. I've read a few books and they all took me over a month, some took me 3mo.

I wanted to play Guitar Hero this morning (because I slept in while they went to church) but Brody's kids must have put it in one of the random 300 cd cases they have, and I'm too lazy to find it.

jackmooring said...

bro... I'm a slow reader too. Whit reads really fast though... it makes me mad. I've learned to live with it.