Saturday, July 26, 2008


Who's the first person to say that desserts are bad for you? I know its all the ingredients of the dessert that make it bad for you, but, don't you think that at the end of a meal you deserve to have something that's full of sugar, or have something that has a piece of fruit on it thats surrounded by whip cream or dipped in chocolate.

All I'm saying is maybe we need to start skipping more meals and eating more desserts! And we should not talk to the person that decided that desserts are a treat, their not a treat, its a way of means to make ones self happy at the end of crummy day, or after cramming down a meal that you particularly didn't want in the first place! You just ate to get to the dessert.


Umthun Family said...

My kind of guy - yah, chocolate!

jackmooring said...

dude... you're killin' me... the nutritionist put me on a super strict diet. no sugar... no starches... no dairy products.. no red meat... I'm not sure what's left over to eat after all of that actually. -jack